There’s a good reason moving is listed as one of the more stressful things you’ll do. Not to mention making sure all the loose financial ends are tied together! To help you out with your move or after you’ve settled in and need some extra money home equity loans in Arizona are available. However, it’s wise to have a plan to move to the new house from the old one without blowing your stack.


Taking the time to put together a budget is a great way to keep your emotions in check on the big day. Putting together some numbers before you start loading boxes into the truck you’ve rented or your car will help you to stay focused by eliminating most of the unknowns from the dollar figures you need to deal with. Understanding what a survey and home inspection will cost beforehand help you to have a good idea of how much money you’ll need.


Decluttering the home you’re leaving before you start off to the new place is very important. Getting rid of those old newspapers you’ve been keeping in the basement is a good idea before you start off for your new life.  You might even have some clothes in that upstairs closet  you’ll feel good about donating and remember, everything you get rid of will lighten the load on moving day and make the entire process less stressful.

Hire the pros or act like one

This tip ties in with the whole idea of making a budget to reduce stress.  Hiring a moving company is a smart way to not only make sure everything you treasure will get to your new home in one piece but  you won’t frazzle your nerves trying to fit bunkbeds and boxes into the backs of trucks.  Remember,  even if everything looks good to you before you start out once it’s packed, an improperly stacked load can shift on the way to your new destination. If you need financial help with this, look into the bridge loans in Arizona, these are essentially loans that will be repaid in a short time frame.

However, not everyone can afford to have a full team of experts help them move but that doesn’t mean you need to stress out either. If you’re looking to make the move a DIY project, you should invest in a proper dolly, some professional moving straps and even rent a hand truck.

Being proactive helps and that means reducing the possibility of stress even before you start packing by compiling a home inventory.  Making sure  you have documented everything from the larger pieces of furniture to what’s in the smaller boxes, even if you only write on each one with a marker, gives you peace of mind and even satisfies insurance requirements.  When you take your time to look after all of the details so your move goes off without adding any undue stress, you’ll find after a few years there are other advantages like being able to draw on home equity loans that can help with a new addition or helping to get over some unforeseen financial hurdles.