If you are considering doing a home renovation using your home equity line of credit, it is important to know where to start. Making cosmetic changes is one of the easiest ways to renovate a home and make it feel brand new. Finding renovation inspiration can be overwhelming. There are so many different design styles to choose from. A successful home renovation begins with choosing your home design. 

Design Ideas and Inspiration

It is common for homeowners to know what designs they like. The tricky part is putting it all together. A good place to start is with color. Do you like the gray and blue color family? Or do you like beiges and browns? Once you choose colors, stick with that palette. When choosing flooring material, select a neutral finish that won’t go out of style. Bring in trendy choices with less expensive items, like fixtures and lighting. 

Preserving the natural heritage of your home is important for any home renovation. Embrace the architectural and natural elements of Arizona in your design. Bring the outside in with native indoor plants, like agave, aloe, and other succulents. If your home is a traditional stucco build, don’t cover it up! Consider adding Southwest design elements when choosing furniture and linens. 

Getting Started

Many homeowners renovate the bathrooms first. Upgraded bathrooms often add value to a home’s equity. Look for bathroom renovation ideas online before you begin. Home stores provide online magazines for ideas and inspiration. The kitchen should also be at the top of the list. Cosmetic changes will provide the highest perceived value. Structural changes are valuable, but your efforts will not be as visible. 

Pay Attention to the Details 

The difference between a successful renovation and having to spend more money is in the details. Pay attention to baseboards, tile grout color, and electrical outlets. Details improve the final outcome of a renovation. Hiring a professional is your best bet for getting the details right. A contractor and interior designer will ask the right questions to get you the best result. 

It is also important to get your home equity loan questions answered. MMG Group at Nova Home Loans can assist you with renovation home loans in Arizona. Do you know the amount on which you can borrow? Fannie Mae and the Federal Housing Authority determine loan amount based on the expected home value post renovation. Both programs are available to homeowners to refinance their current mortgage. Plus, renovation costs can be rolled into one loan. Call us today for more information and to begin your home loan application.