Rural home loans in Arizona are improving the quality of life for families of diverse backgrounds all over the state.

The Overview of Housing & Home Loans in Arizona

Arizona has organized several groups and implemented strategies to make sure that families living in rural areas are not neglected or living a sub-standard life due to income and/or geographic location. Owning a home is not only contributory to the health of our nation’s economy, but also an important step in life and in building one’s own financial stability. However, securing enough initial financial stability to qualify for a loan and buy a home has been increasingly inflexible since the 2007-2008 economic collapse.

Although tightened regulations are necessary and serve to protect our economy and housing market from faulty loans and another collapse, the new guidelines make qualifying to buy a home too difficult for some families.

In Arizona, we refuse to turn our back on those families who live in a community less enriching than they deserve. Since 1969, rural community activists have fought for better communities and clean housing for low-income families in rural areas. Initiatives were set up and continue to develop in order to better serve these families with the basic necessities of clean water, community service and affordable homes.

Here are some of the groups we work with to make rural home loans AZ a reality and grant everyone quality of life.

Rural Home Loans 101

  • The National Rural Housing Coalition: This group started the movement in 1969 and serves to protect the right of low-income rural people to a decent place to live, an affordable home, clean drinking water and community services, regardless of income. NRHC works with policy makers to instill these rights as realities.
  • The Stardust Center for Affordable Homes & the Family: This group focuses on research, education and innovation to catalyze the efforts toward creating stable communities in rural areas.
  • Arizona USDA Rural Development: This is where financial assistance comes heavily into play. USDA Rural Development works through provisions and partnerships to assure that rural communities are equipped to provide resources for private citizens, non-profits and small businesses. The financial and technical assistance allows rural communities to provide quality of life for its residents.
  • Smart Growth America: Smart Growth America helps communities make strategic land and resource plans. They provide guidance to rural communities to make local priorities the foundation of a solid community and/or city.

Deciding on Your Arizona Home Loan

The collaborative efforts of groups and lending institutions in Arizona makes homeownership in rural areas feasible and promising of the quality of life all residents deserve. To learn more and start walking down the path toward owning a home in a rural area, get in touch with the Nova Home Loans team. We’ll walk you all the way to your future front door and educate you on the process along the way.