Securing a loan for a boutique home renovation is not so different from securing a loan for a typical renovation. However, options are more flexible because there is no set system for a boutique remodel- you get to make all the choices. Boutique houses are not only charming to come home to, but they feel unique and personal to our specific tastes.

Boutique remodels allow us to perform a home makeover without busting the bank. Their eclectic nature makes it easy to find cheap materials that fit the new vibe of the house. Look at some of our favorite boutique remodel touches:

  • Color

Color, color, color. It’s all about the color! Paint the outside of your home a funky, washed shade or choose one color to carry throughout the design as an accent color. You can use this color for your front door, your address numbers, your mailbox, furniture- whatever feels right.

  • Shutters

Rustic shutters add charisma and dimension to your home. They can bring the charm of an Italian avenue or a secret garden to the surface of your house. For a truly boutique feel, purchase or paint shutters a pop of color. You can tie this color is throughout your house or leave it to be an eye-drawing accessory of its own.

  • Roof

Now, there are actually a variety of roofs that you can use to add character to your home, but the real test is quality. A boutique home can boast old-fashioned charm, but nobody wants to live there if it looks like the roof might leak. One of the keys to a boutique home is to make sure that despite funky flares, the home is secure, clean and reliable.

  • Garden

If you’ve got the time and live in a water-friendly part of the country, set your sights on a not-so-secret garden. A well-maintained garden will always capture the attention of passersby’s and make you feel even more at home in nature’s beauty. Choose flowers of your accent color or add some with a complementary pop of their own. Pro Tip: choose flowers that require maintenance compatible to your lifestyle!

Now that you have some ideas, get to channeling your inner designer and come up with the concept of your boutique home remodel. Don’t be shy- dress it up however you’d like!

Renovation home loans are designed to make your design dreams a reality. The best place to start is by listing out one or two variations of the renovation you want and determine precisely how much you’ll need. For the most flexible Phoenix home loans, visit Nova Home Loans!