Some people go for a journey, some people cut and dye their hair, shave mustaches or go shopping just to bring some changes to their lives. You have tried everything mentioned and more, and are still missing something? Everyone needs some renovation from time to time in their own lives. Have you thought about home renovations?

The new year brings out new trends. 2017 is going to be marked by the return to the organic, natural and the unalterable search of new and functional. It may be hard to keep up with the time, but luckily we bring you some of the newest facts about home styles in 2017th.


The heart of the today’s home. Time spent in the kitchen can be joyful and inspirational, yet not always. There are times we are tired, or nervous because a recipe doesn’t go well, or kids make a huge mess and all you need is a light, simple and practical place to prepare your coffee in the morning or dinner at the end of the day.

Taking this into account, many kitchen industry’s leading manufacturers introduced new renovation ideas. According to new styles, gray is the shade many are betting on to break white’s top spot of the cabinets. And not only the color but the function of the way cabinet doors and drawers are opening and closing is going through a revolution. New hydraulic, easy-close doors fold up and out of the way is making them perfect for kitchens where space is an issue.

Just as the cabinets, the sinks are also trending away from classic white or stainless steel. A colorful sink is a great way to bright up an ambient and pop in a small amount of color in a neutral kitchen.

The new style is not bringing just a good look, but practicality as well by solving well-known issues with kitchen storage. Trends are doubling it up by implementing new multi-tiered drawers.


Even that people don’t spend most of the day in it, the bathroom can say a lot more about a person than any other room in an apartment. In the bathroom, a person makes hygiene and beauty treatments, relax in a warm bath or under the shower, freshen up itself after the night’s sleep. Everyone likes to spend their private time in a stylish, comfortable, beautiful and fashionable place without sacrificing functionality.

So when it comes to the bathroom design the direction will be super clean colors, seamless lines and practical and simple arrangement of spaces but with the dash of organic coziness and elegance. A combination of modern and organic creates a dynamic atmosphere that evokes clean and stylish sensation.


Bedroom designs for 2017 have undergone some changes, just as well as house interior designs in general. 

Even though beige and white are always wanted, dark brown, gray and even black colors are more and more meat in modern bedrooms. The presence of pastel colors remains in 2017 from which the most popular color is gray. A combination of white and gray will be dominating in the bedroom just as in kitchen designs. Simplicity and environmentally sustainable natural materials will be highly valued for stylish and cozy homes.

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It is time to turn your space into an emanation of style and beauty.