On average there are 299 days a year of sunshine in Phoenix and the fall, winter and spring seasons are absolutely perfect for any activity that you can think of is what makes Phoenix a great place to live or consider moving to. The most popular counterargument that many people make is that the summers are blisteringly hot. While the temperatures do stay in the triple digits for a few months during the summer but not to sound cliché, it is a dry heat. A/C and a pool can make the summers very tolerable for the short time that they last. Now that it has been established that the weather is just about perfect for 75% of the year, the cost of living is another very important factor to consider before moving to Phoenix.

Phoenix ranks #51 in North America on the cost of living index that is based upon data compiled by Expatistan.com. Earning an index score of 158 means that Phoenix is 58% more expensive than the reference point that Expatistan has selected. New York City clinched the top spot in the rankings with a score of 283, which means that it is 125% more expensive to live there than Phoenix. San Francisco, D.C., San Jose and Boston round out the top five in the rankings. Considering that Phoenix is the sixth largest city in the U.S. based on the 2013 census, a rank of #51 is very impressive from an affordability standpoint. Living in such a large city offers residents just about every amenity that can be needed or wanted.

Expatistan also provides the average cost of various food and personal care items, housing, entertainment, clothes, and transportation to give individuals a better idea of the cost of living rather than just an index number. Here are a few common items and rent figures:

  • Fast Food Combo Meal- $7
  • Dozen Eggs- $3.44
  • 2 Liter of Soda- $1.66
  • Monthly Rent, 900sqft Furnished, Expensive area- $1,217
  • Monthly Rent, 900sqft Furnished, Normal area- $901
  • Movie Ticket- $10
  • Gym Membership- $34
  • Beer from Local Bar- $4.85

In terms of the housing market, the average price per square foot in the city of Phoenix is $142, which is only a few dollars higher than the national average. So if you are considering purchasing a home in Phoenix, whether you live here already or are moving from somewhere else, contact an expert loan officer at Nova Home Loans. For more information on the types of loan programs they offer like USDA, fixed and adjustable rate, Jumbo/non-conforming home loans, and Arizona down payment assistance programs visit and apply today!