Only you can make a house or a home. But you need someone, first, to make that house your own. This part isn’t always easy. When you’re ready to purchase a home, you need a mortgage broker to see it through. With a Phoenix mortgage, you need someone on your team who is going to bat for you. Someone who can see the holes in your application and make the right moves to get it approved. Someone who understands your financial history and future; who can help determine your best monthly mortgage options.

There are a number of solid mortgage companies in Phoenix, and we recognize that. In fact, we appreciate it because it makes us bring our A game to the table everyday. At Nova Home Loans, we know we keep our edge above the rest with our quick, personal and versatile brokers on deck. There are quality standards from which we’ve never let ourselves fall and the reason we remain the best Phoenix Mortgage Lenders year after year. 

Top 10 Qualities of Mortgage Lenders in Phoenix AZ

  1. Perspective: A strong broker knows that no two clients are alike. Financial histories, debts and peripheral situations yield different loan eligibility. They know to qualify a client for multiple loan options, and with consultation, let the buyer make the best decision for their financial comfort.
  2. Flexibility: Phoenix AZ mortgages are so quick, you’ll need someone with a flexible schedule who can make or take a call at the turning points of a loan, no matter when that is.
  3. Timeliness: Even if your loan is not being rushed through a speedy process, you’re anxious to get into your new home. A good broker understands that and is there to field your questions, take your calls and calm your fears in a timely, respectful manner.
  4. Transparency: Good brokers lay out the information. They tell exactly what you’re getting into, spelling out the implications of your fixed rate, fees, comparison to other loan structures, etc. A sound broker has nothing to hide, only information to help you better understand the industry.
  5. Patience: Good things take time, and good brokers know this. If you’re being rushed on a loan, know better than to feel pressured. A loan will move at a pace outside of your hands, but the process beforehand should move according to your comfort in the market and personal financial stability. It’s okay to take your time, and a good broker will let you.

We’ll never give you less than 100% on these qualities, because they’re the ones that matter most when it comes to this monumental step in your life. Get in touch with Nova Home Loans today- we look forward to helping you get a house to make a home!