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Phoenix home buyers that are looking for AZ home loans should consider multiple factors that might affect the home loan rate and overall costs of a new home. Deciding how much of a house you can afford will depend on the available down payment, how much you want to pay each month and how long you plan on owning the home.

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Buying a new home shouldn’t be a headache. Let us help alleviate some of that stress by letting you lean on our expertise in guiding you towards the right fit for you and your family. With years of experience in home loans Arizona and thousands of families we’ve helped secure their homes, we are Mortgage Masters for a reason. Call the mortgage lenders of NOVA® Home Loans today!

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There are several different types of Arizona home loans to choose from; all with their pros and cons. Here at the Mortgage Masters of NOVA® Home Loans, we aim to help guide you to the right loan fit best meeting your credit, budget, and financial needs. We believe that finding the right Arizona mortgage lenders is just as important in the finding the right home.



  • My family means the world to me and with two children, I knew renting was no longer an option, so when deciding to purchase a home, I knew I needed to find a company I could trust in helping me secure the proper loan to fit my financial constraints. This search led me to Mortgage Masters of NOVA® Home Loans, and they were everything I needed and then some. Not only did they steer me in the right direction of a good realtor, they also helped me secure the best loan for me and my family. Today I live in a beautiful home with my wife and kids, and no worries if I got into the right loan or not. No stress because I got lucky to work with the best!


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  • Buying our first home was a journey I wouldn’t have wished on anyone. We didn’t know the difference between a fixed mortgage rate and an adjustable rate. Needless to say our first time home buying experience was not a pleasant one. The second time around we learned from our mistakes and decided to lean of the expertise of mortgage specialists and called the people at Mortgage Masters of NOVA® Home Loans. They were insightful and a joy to work with, they educated us on the finer points of purchasing a home and made our experience the type we wish we had the first go around. I’ve since recommended them to family and friends because I know they’ll truly make me look like a genius!


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  • After years of saving and planning, when the time came to purchase a home, my wife and I had no clue on the next steps other than speaking with the bank and a realtor. After a friend advised us to speak to a mortgage specialist, we came across the Mortgage Masters of NOVA® Home Loans finance your dream home!by chance and have been counting our blessings ever since. They were so professional and efficient in helping us find the right loan type that met our needs. This helped us secure our first home with the right loan terms, making our experience as first time home buyers a dream come true with a dream home happy ending. I will definitely use them again with our next purchase in the future.


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